Paddle for Purpose!

Paddle for Purpose!

We are back once again ever stronger after COVID restrictions and we are finally stretching out more with a mission to protect the environment! Paddle for Purpose is a collaboration between Outdoor Adventures and Ocean Purpose Project, held at KOKOMO Beach Club!

The Paddle for Purpose event is dedicated as a fun paddling race (open for paddle crafts such as kayaks or stand up paddle boards. The race consists of different categories opened to different age groups and families. They will be paddling out to sea, armed with a pair of tongs, gloves and an empty bucket, the objective is to collect as much rubbish they can find in the shortest time possible!

Later that noon, our Minister of State, Desmond Tan graced us with his presence and presented the prizes to our winner and ended off with a heartfelt speech of gratitude to the team! It was a memorable day for the participants and for the team! We look forward to the event and we definitely want to see you on our next adventure! Stay tuned! For more info, email to us at or call us at 6238 8072 / 9781 0598.

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