Welcome to The KOKOMO Beach Club

KOKOMO Beach Club is a one-stop seaside entertainment and leisure life center managed and operated by FOCUS Adventure.

FOCUS Adventure one of the leading team building and leadership development training providers over the past 25years brings in a tremendous amount of experience, knowledge and resources to boost the footprint on Pasir Ris.

At this proposed KOKOMO Beach Club, you will truly experience high-quality services and enjoy unparalleled seaside life. The club being near the sea is exclusively for you and your friends and family to play, drink, and chat; enjoy the adranaline pumping SEA sports, sunbathing or listen to music and drinks in the evening; you can dance and sway with dynamic music Passion: The club regularly organizes “Moon Party” to let you and your friends feel the most beautiful night and the most romantic party.

Our Objective


With the ever-growing need in driving the sustainability mindset to everyone, KOKOMO Beach Club aims to engage the community through SEA activities to educate individuals and community on our impact on environmental sustainability. There will be various courses and workshops conducted on-site that will enable experts contribution and novice involvement and eventually building a community of practice to build a better, more sustainable environment in Singapore. By running various trips from mangrove paddling to beach clean-up, the aim will be to open up the world of the beautiful environment and the relationship it has around us to the community.


KOKOMO Beach Club also aims to target the younger generation by enabling STEAM-based programmes that will allow students to learn by doing/experiencing. Through interactive workshops, students learn various school subjects in an outdoor experiential environment where learning is not “man-made” but through the rich outdoor elements. These programmes will allow schools to explore new groundbreaking lessons that bring the concepts to the students in a fun and interactive manner.


KOKOMO Beach Club will also be concentrating on the community to stay ACTIVE and HEALTHY. KOKOMO Beach Club’s offerings will allow the neighbourhood to get involved in activities that will be fun and build the community spirit and allow everyone to progress together towards their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.