Our Kayaking Coastal Clean up!

Our Kayaking Coastal Clean up!

 Ice Cream cup (Single Scoop). $2.70

Bottled drink.  $1.60

Plastic bag. $0.20

But have we ever counted the cost to Mother Nature?

The objective of our sustainability programmes is to be a catalyst for clean oceans and the preservation of our ecosystem, through awareness and education.

On 26 March 2022, we organised a Kayaking Coastal Clean Up at Coney Island! Coney Island is known to house a wide range of habitats and it’s located off the north-eastern coast of Singapore. Unknown to many though, the island is often polluted with marine litter, ranging from plastic bottles to disposable masks!

As soon as we arrived, we commenced Operation Clean Up! Armed with a pair of gloves, tongs and pails, we walked down the coastal stretch disposing litter, learning about tides and the grave ordeal of marine life.

When we were done, we realised the majority of the trash picked up was mainly plastic. Plastics are non biodegradable, depending on the type of plastic and where it goes, it can clog up mangrove roots or cause harm to marine animals. This wreaks havoc in our ecosystem! However, it is not about the material but more about how we use it to good use. For instance, the plastic kayaks we use are called high density polyethylene or HDPE for short. These plastics can be recycled, when melted down it is able to form many other shapes of mold, this creates endless possibilities of how we can reduce reuse and recycle them. 

While our actions that day may not have entirely saved our earth or ceased marine littering, we do hope it would contribute to environmental awareness on the pressing marine litter issue on our coastal beaches, and to inspire many more to start being mindful and be more sustainable in our daily lives! So wait no further, join us in our cause!

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