400 participants gathered at Pasir Ris Park to enjoy a day of fun while making a positive impact on the environment! The weather was perfect for the event, creating an ideal atmosphere for our various planned eco-friendly activities for the day.


Participants were given the option to get into groups and raced around the park looking for clues and at the same time picking up rubbish along the way. This was crucial to the race as points were also given to teams who were able to efficiently gather as much rubbish as possible whilst keeping the park nice and green!

There was also a unique team-based kayaking experience coupled with a coastal clean-up element, many participants were thrilled when they saw a different perspective of nature, only accessible through kayaking! 

The carnival also featured diverse sustainability-themed activities, such as art workshops where participants worked together to create artworks using recycled materials, promoting creativity with an eco-conscious mindset.


The event was a blend of enjoyment, a sense of purpose, offering a memorable experience for all attendees. With the success of this sustainability-theme carnival, the Outdoor Adventures team is eager to extend this opportunity to you!


Email us at or call us at 6238 8072 / 9834 7984 to kickstart your own team bonding or family bonding event! We are open to any group size!